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The cuisine at Lucciola revolves around a single, unifying concept:

Ingredients matter.

Nestled in NYC’s Upper West Side, the menu features all the classics – tortelloni, tortellini, and tagliatelle all cooked to delicious perfection. 

What elevates our dishes from a meal to an experience – from a meal to art – is the dedication to quality embraced by our Executive Chef, Michele Casadei Massari.

At Lucciola, every locally-sourced vegetable, fresh-caught piece of seafood, and dry-aged piece of wagyu is hand-selected by Chef Massari. 

Lucciola (“Firefly”) is a bright light in the darkness beckoning to food aficionados of all backgrounds. 

For press requests: info@lucciolanyc.com

What People Are Saying


“Best Corner of Emilia-Romagna in New York.”

— La Repubblica


“The Most Authentic and Traditional Italian Restaurant in New York City.”

— Identita Golose

“New York’s Lucciola Uniquely Serves The Rich Cooking Of Bologna, Based On Extraordinary Ingredients.“

— Forbes


“PASSATELLI…Favorite New Pasta That Isn’t Really Pasta at All.”

— Insidehook