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About Topiqs

Topiqs founder
If you have a computer, you are managing links
     - many links.

Topiqs is a social bookmarking & blogging platform. By integrating bookmarking and content creation into a single system, you can better organize your online data and especially you can better discover your data. In addtion you can work together with other people on both link collection and content creation.

Working on another project, I wanted to send 20 website urls to our web designer for inspiration, however 20 urls is quite a lot of urls to pack into an email or a chat window and after a disappointing google for a solution I found myself starting to program a small utility that allowed me to pack all the 20 urls into a single url - had started.

Unable to stop programming one day followed the next and I started to think that maybe other people could also benefit - so while the Topiqs idea started out as a tool to open many links using just one link, the idea have over different iterations changed into a stil more capable cooperative link management tool.

Topiqs is for you if you want to :

  • Build & organize link collections into topics.
  • Share & work on link collections with other people.
  • See what links other people are collecting.
  • Compare links of a specific topic, eg. comparing the newest TV's.
  • Scroll through web pages without really opening links - yes Topiqs can do that.
  • Fast ad-hoc dump links for later organization.

Thenever you need to manage links, try Topiqs - Topiqs can handle a LOT of links.

Rasmus Rummel.