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Topiqs Examples

Topiqs is all about many links and organizing related links into collection. Here are some examples of actual link collections.

Example 1 - Buying our next car

A family is on the outlook for buying a car and have collected url's on cars they are interested in.

Use PageSlide to fast scroll through all the cars.

Example 2 - It's the kids birthday

It's the kids birthday and we have decided to give them a Playstation 4 even we know very little about it.

So we compare the Playstation 4 editions, what games we should buy and not least what equipment addons like virtual reality we can buy.

Example 3 - Buying a barbell

As the man of the house I think we should have a barbell and do some lifting.

So I collected a little knowledge and some links for buying a barbell, weight plates and other related equipment.

Example 4 - Healthy food

List of most healthy foods and their benefits.

Example 5 - My kids

Rather than links, this is a collection of pictures of my kids.

This works somewhat similar to Instagram, however in Topiqs related pictures can be organized in their own collections.

Example 6 - Books to read

A friend and I are working together on a collecting of ideas for books we should read.

Example 7 - Science backed health effects of exercise

Links to actual research on health effects of exercising with partial summary for each link as well as a full summary list of health effects.

Example 8 - How to custom build CKEditor 5 with image upload support

Using a Topiqs to write a small tutorial, here about how to build a CKEditor 5 with image upload.

The above examples only touch the surface, I hope to see users expand the topics beyond imagination.